A photo of Martin: a bearded guy
with snow in his hair

Martin Johnsson

PhD in genetics

Postdoc at The Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Email address: sorill at gmail full stop com

Twitter account: @martinj

ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1262-4585

Curriculum vitae


Full publication list at my Google Scholar profile.


I keep a blog called On unicorns and genes about genetics and related things.


Here are some of the topics in genetics that interest me, with some related papers that I've been involved in:

Population genomics. With plentiful whole-genome sequence, one can describe the squence variation of wild and livestock populations in ever finer detail. I am interested in genetic diversity of domestic and feral animals.

Related papers: Johnsson et al. 2016, Gering et al. 2015, Johnsson et al. 2018

Genetic mapping of molecular traits. Mapping the genetic basis of molecular traits such as transcript levels ("eQTL mapping") can help with identifying causative genes for quantitative traits, and also give us large sets of genetic associations to analyse.

Related papers: Johnsson et al. 2018, Johnsson et a. 2016, Johnsson et al. 2015

Deleterious variation. Deleterious variants are the most tractable functional variants, and can be detected either by genotype-first or sequence-first methods. They raise all kinds of interesting management questions for breeding programs.

Related papers: Johnsson et al. 2019, Jenko et al. 2019

Domestication. Domestic animals differ from their wild relatives in many ways, including, universally, behavioural differences towards humans. I have been involved in genetic mapping of complex traits in chicken domestication.

Related papers: Johnsson et al. 2016, Johnsson et al. 2012, Henriksen et al. 2016, Fallahsharoudi et al. 2017


I defended my PhD, Genomics of chicken domestication and feralisation, from Linköping University, on the 18th of December 2015. The cover art was made by Alexander Hultberg.

Cover of my dissertation:
					   title and a drawing of a chicken